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Boost your child’s health with the right toddler mattress

Boost your child’s health with the right toddler mattress

Safety is a number one priority

A toddler is a child between the ages of one and three. With such young age their bodies haven’t developed a stable immune system, therefore, ever so slight environmental change can damage the balance of child’s well-being. With a whole world ahead of them, they are eager to participate in every new activity and when their feet get tired, only a nap or a good night sleep can put them at ease. Sleep is essential for every toddler’s health and progressive development. One wouldn’t think that seemingly innocent bed would play such crucial part in toddler’s health. Toddler mattresses are perfect habitats for dust mites and other naked eye invisible creatures, causing skin irritations, severe allergies, and asthma. To prevent these unnecessary hazards all you need to do is invest in a suitable mattress.

The right construction

When shopping for a toddler mattress you have to take accurate measurements of child’s bed beforehand. Having an additional knowledge of the materials, firmness and mattress construction is a move of a wise individual. Reading this article is a very proof of your care and interest.

Beat material options for your toddlers mattress are wool or cotton. These two materials are natural and therefore skin acceptable. Artificial fabric increases a risk of skin discomfort. Wool is known for its softness, fluffiness, and warmth while cotton is recognizable for its airy, breathable and comforting nature. Springs and coils that are inside the mattress, offer support and are creating a general weight-baring base. These constructional parts are smaller than ones found in adult mattresses in order to increase the adjustability to child’s body. Well known are also memory foam toddler mattresses that accept every individual into full embracing comfort.

Regardless of what material and type of mattress you choose, it is important that the chosen mattress is firm. Firm mattresses reduce a smothering risk and give better support and stability throughout the whole sleep. Toddlers tend to move and change sleeping positions through all night and therefore, a right support and firmness are much needed.

The right protection

The only right thing to do, when you choose a suitable mattress, is to also purchase mattress covering. It will not only protect the actual mattress but also add to its comfort. Toddler years are the years of potty training, so any unpleasant bed accidents aren’t uncommon. Having an extra layer of fabric on top of your mattress will make a cleaning job much quicker and easier.

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