Cotton Blanket, Soft Breathable 100 Percent Cotton Full
Cotton Blanket, Soft Breathable 100 Percent Cotton Full/Queen Blanket for Comfort and Warmth
Cool cotton comfort: cotton blanket

Cool cotton comfort: cotton blanket

Cotton is the most sought after fabric by manufacturers and consumers alike. Cotton apart from being very comfortable is also very chic and lends itself to designs very well. It is very comfortable wearing for summer.

Organic material

Cotton is a natural material which can be cultivated using organic methods. The organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides.  Such fiber is very soft and breathable since its natural characteristics are not altered on account of excessive use of pesticides.

Comforting characteristics

Cotton has a host of characteristic features which make it long lasting and comfortable to wear as a dress. The cotton yarn is made from the fluffy fiber obtained from the cotton seeds. It is very supple and comfortable to touch. The material is breathable in very hot temperatures as it absorbs the moisture. It allows the easy flow of air. This is very healthy because it prevents the growth of bacteria and allergens. In cold climes it provides warmth without creating static charges. The heavy cotton blankets provide enough warmth to induce sleep and provide cozy comfort.

Variety and versatility

Cotton blankets are available in a variety of weaves to suit the different seasons and needs. The different weaves make the blankets light for summers, medium weighted for autumn and heavy for the winters. Some of the weaves lend a silky feel to the fabric. The fabric is extremely versatile as it lends itself to any design. It can be dyed or printed, or embroidered. It can also be used in combination with other materials. The options with cotton are endless. The cotton fleece blankets can be used as throws which while providing adequate warmth will not generate oppressive heat. The latest being that this fiber can be coated with nano particles of silver. This helps in trapping 80% of the body heat while still retaining the breathability of the fabric and being light weight too!

Maintenance and longevity

The cotton blankets are very easy to maintain. They develop a soft sheen with age. Since they do not hold on to stains and dirt, they can be washed easily. Most of the cotton fabrics barring a few are machine washable.  Using softer detergent would ensure the longevity of the fabric. Some cotton materials like Egyptian cotton do not require any stiffening or ironing. They are light weight and are extremely easy to maintain.

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