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Dreamy nautical bedding using beach comforters

Dreamy nautical bedding using beach comforters

Who doesn’t love to doze off on the beach? The cool calming waves can lull us into a deep slumber with the visual effect alone. Recreate your favorite nautical retreat in your bedrooms using carefully chosen beach comforters. A beach comforter is an ideal component to set the tone. In terms of function, the comforter brings you the warmth of the sea, and can be visually made to complement the mesmerizing hues of the sea. Bring the beach to your bedroom by choosing the right comforter. Here are some ideas!

The serene sea

At its calmest, the sea is a blend of blues and whites, beautifully complimented by the brown sands on the beach. Use a cool blue colored comforter with wave like-patterns in white, set against solid brown or sand colored sheets, white, blue and sand-colored pillows to fill your bedroom with the serenity of the sea. Fold back the top edge of your beach comforter in a cascading manner to create a layered flowing effect. A white reversible side can further accentuate the effect. Color tones for the rest of the room can be chosen from cool shades of brown and blue.

Keep it Alive

Let your favorite things about the sea shine through your comforter. Prints on beach comforters are often images of shells, corals and starfish that bring life to your image of the sea. It reminds you of those lovely moments you spent at the beach. Neutral colored comforters with dark sea-blue or sandy colored prints can be a perfect option. Add stripes in the same color to the reverse side and enhance the overall look. Pull up the comforter all the way to the top of the bed, and turn down the edges to create layers.

Go Tropical!

A sea-side bedroom doesn’t have to be all blue and cool and predictable. Think tropical beaches with palm trees and sunny skies. Throw in a tropical-themed beach comforter and you have a lovely vibrant bedroom. Go for green and yellow large leafy prints and set it against solid white and sea-blue toned bedding. You can also add a mix of green, blue, yellow and white striped pillows to match the comforter. Add a backdrop of solid blue in a darker shade to complete the look. You can also use solid colors on the reverse side of the comforter, fold it back and create a polished design.

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