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How to decorate your bedroom using a crib mattress

How to decorate your bedroom using a crib mattress

We are all proud to be parents even boastful of our achievement at being able to bring a new life into this world, we are actually vane and totally self-engrossed when it comes to our children, so to decorate your bedroom in which your new born baby will reside, until such time that he/she will move to their own bedroom is a pleasure, although the dictating theme being selfish or egotistical will not create to many problems. You want to make this area as luxurious as you possibly can, and as comfortable as possible for both the baby and yourself.

The bedroom.

Remember you are now going to share your private hideaway with your new born, the area has to be large enough to house both yours and the baby’s furniture, which will take up a vast space in your boudoir, having a cot or crib of substantial size and height, include the dresser and bath stand the room has to large in order to maintain the level of comfort you desire. A rather hard to fathom theme when traditionally depending on the sex of the baby, you would normally decorate in blue or shades of blue for a boy and pinks and lilacs for girls. Taking all of this into account it will be incredibly difficult to decorate your bedroom as you wish. The baby’s cot or crib will be fitted a crib mattress which has to be of the best quality to ensure a sound and comfy sleep, as new born babies sleep for up to 16 hours per day, the crib mattress of the correct quality will ensure your baby’s safety as well, very soft crib mattresses tend to fold and cause suffocation, it has been recommended that the mattress be firm in order to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Here again there are various types of mattresses to consider when decking the crib, foam type mattresses are the popular choice and vary in thickness between 3” and 6” make sure it is a firm foam mattress, the innerspring crib mattress is good for orthopedic support, more costly than the foam mattress, the organic crib mattress is obviously the most expensive and for a good reason, taking your baby’s wellbeing and health as supreme this is the best option.

Style of the bedroom.

Being self-centered you are going to have to make sacrifices on behalf of your baby, this will be well worth it.

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