How to make a down throw blanket at home

How to make a down throw blanket at home

The best idea to have a throw to chill off is to make a down throw blanket at home.
Here are some tips to help you making a down throw blanket at home.

  1. Prepping the fabric
    i) For standard size throw, you will need 2 yards of fleece.
  2. ii) Trim of selvage edges with a rotary cutter. Corners can be square but rounding it off looks good. Round the edges with a plate or a circular container.
  3. Finishing the edges
    Finishing can be done by a sewing, serger machine or by hand.

    i) Serger- It is fastest and easiest method. Both 3-thread or 4-thread stitch will do the job well. Set width and length of larger fabric and practice on a scrap fabric.

    ii) Decorative sewing machine stitch- When using a sewing machine, you are bound to use the designs offered by the machine. The zig-zag design will do well but using decorative designs on solid fleece will give a more impressive look.

    iii) Do it by hand- Although doing it with the hand will consume more time but the throw designed by hand gives a good reaction on people. If you are giving throw as a gift, making it by hand is the best option as you can design it according to your own designs.

  • Final touch
    now, everything is done. It is time to give a final touch to your down throw blanket. Complete your work by giving a finishing to the blanket at the end.

In this way you can design a down throw blanket at your home. It can be properly packed after it is made and can be gifted as a gift. These gifts are remembered more than any other gift as these are handmade and unique gifts which cannot be found anywhere in the market. Although down throw blankets are available in markets but the handmade blanket gives a good impression of the people. Handmade throw down blankets are not only unique but are designed according to our needs and comfort. A blanket is something which must be comfortable to have at nights for proper sleep. And a handmade thing gives more comfort than the things bought from the market as they are designed by the fabric and design of our choice and comfort. You all should try making it at home by the above tips.

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