How to Choose the Best Type of Yarn for Your Giant Knitting Project
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Knitted blankets- choosing the right materials

Knitted blankets- choosing the right materials

Buying your own blankets can be a satisfying process especially if you choose the right blanket. As fascinating as it is to buy the blankets, there is nothing that will give you utmost satisfaction than making your own knitted blankets.  Making these blankets can be great gifts for a new mom. The interesting thing with these blankets is that you don’t even have to know how to knit. This is because there are different steps that you can follow to ensure that you make a beautiful piece.

Before you can successfully make the knitted blankets, you will be required to choose the knitting needle and the yarn that you are going to use.

The knitting needle material

The one thing that you will have to decide is on the needle material. The different types that you will come across include;

  • The wood; they are the most common types of needle. The different needles have been designed with different types of woods that determine the durability and the quality of the needle.
  • Plastic; if you are trying knitting for the first time, this is the perfect choice for you. They are also lightweight and quite affordable. They come in handy especially if you trying to make long blankets.
  • Metals; most of them have been made from aluminum but you may still get a few that have been curved from brass. They are durable and they can enable you to knit faster because of the smooth surfaces.

The needle designs

You will also be required to choose the type of the needle in terms of the design and the size. Because you will be making the blankets, the best option for you will be the straight needles. This is because they enable you to get the right knots. There are other types of needles that you need to know including; the circular needles and the double pointed ones.

Choosing the yarn

The most interesting part about the project will be the buying of the yarn. Choosing the right yarn will require you to consider the weight of the yarn. The different weights will create a different appearance. You will also be required to consider the pattern and the color of the yarn. The type of blanket that you want to make will influence this greatly. There are many different design ideas that you can draw inspiration from to make the perfect design.

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