15 Best Throw Blankets (Updated on 2018)
A buying guide for the blankets and throws

A buying guide for the blankets and throws

Whether it’s a chilly morning or one of those frosty winter nights, the blankets and throws will come in handy. These two are a common accessory for those people who appreciate comfort and style. As fascinating as these two are, it can be a challenge to buy them as there are different designs available. In addition to warmth, they can also be used for decoration. They are lightweight and can be thrown anywhere. The right design for you will depend on your personal style and preference.

For you to choose the right option there are different factors that you need to consider.

The fabric

The different blankets and throws have been designed with different fabrics that you need to consider. Each of the material that has been used gives the blankets their warmth effect.

  • Wool; this is one of the commonly used material. It is the best option if you want the throws for warmth. They are also very durable. The blankets come in different patterns and colors that you may opt for.
  • Cotton; it is also a common material and they are quite warm too
  • Natural fleece; it is thick for warmth and soft. Most of them have been made with wool fiber. They can also be blended with silk
  • Cashmere; this material is mostly used to make winter sweaters. That is why the blankets come in handy for those seeking warmth.

The right option for you

The right pieces for you will depend on the reason why you need to them. If you are looking for warmth, you need to choose the thicker blankets like the wool and the cotton. The fiber that has been used will determine how warm the blanket is going to be.

Using the throws as decoration pieces

As mentioned above, the throws can be used for warmth and also for decoration purposes. There are different ideas that you can use to ensure that you decorate the home perfectly.

  • You can use the throws to protect the chairs especially the cushions. This can be helpful especially if you have pets.
  • Create a colorful appearance by placing the throw on the chair behind the cushion
  • Add personality to your bed by placing the throw on the end of the bed.
  • Fold the throw and place it over the arm of the chair to create a beautiful design.

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