A symbol of comfort

It is a known fact that we spend a huge chunk of our lives in sleeping. That does not mean that we are whiling away our time. This time spent sleeping is essential for our well being and good health. So, it is but natural that we look for ways of making it comfortable so that this time is well spent.

The company

Symbol is a company that started out in the year 1961 making low cost mattresses for the retail market. Presently, they make both low cost and high end mattresses to cater to all sections of their customer base. They products incorporate a variety of comfort and support features.  They also cater to the health care, hospitality sectors, dormitories and rent-to-own facilities.

 The factories

They have a considerable presence in six states with factories in each one of them producing high quality sleep related products like mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors, mattresses covers and the like.  Their products are built to perfection with the help of latest technology in their plants equipped with latest state of art equipment. The high end automation line up caters to material handling, upholstery, and urethane foam processing and mattress construction. All the aspects of mattress building are undertaken in house and nothing is out sourced. This ensures that quality is maintained in accordance to stringent standards with reduced escalation of costs.  These measures enable them to pass on the benefits to their customers in terms of high quality products made available at low costs. They boast of a dedicated work force most of who have committed 10 years to over 45 years of dedicated service in their plants.

Customer satisfaction

They have a strong loyal customer base who swears by their products. They are very satisfied with the quality of the products and the pricing of the products which are unbeatable and second to none. The winning products are the high density fiber pads, inner spring coils which are known for their strength, foam toppers, soft quilt foam and last but not the least their stylish high quality, mattresses for every pocket.

The product range

Among their range of products their latex beds steal the show for being completely natural and hypo allergenic. They lend superior support and even prevent the recurrence of back and neck pain. They are very conducive to a blissfully refreshing sleep. According to their loyal customers, the brand is synonymous with comfort, durability and affordability. The luxurious sleep experience is much akin to sleeping on clouds. It is understandable if the customers are on clouds nice after buying the Symbol range of products!!!!

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