Spring Mattresses - The Advantages, Disadvantages, And Everything
Spring Mattresses The Advantages, Disadvantages, And Everything Else You Need To Know
Advantages and disadvantages of spring mattress

Advantages and disadvantages of spring mattress

Spring mattresses are some of the most common mattresses that you can find in the market and are very popular with buyers. Part of this popularity is attributed to the fact that they have been around for some time and many people are already used to using them.


Unlike other types of mattresses, a spring mattress is constructed with coiled springs meant to provide support and comfort. The coils can be of any thickness from 1.37 to 1.94 millimeters. Coils with higher millimeters turn out to be firmer. Likewise, the number of coils in a mattress differs. While some mattresses only have a few coils, others have as many as over 1,000 coils. Generally, a mattress with a high number of coils turns out to be a mattress of good quality. Similarly, the number of turns in a coil also determines level of support and comfort a mattress provides.


  • The first advantage of spring mattresses relates to their price. Technology used in constructing these mattresses has not changed much ever since they were invented. They are cheap to construct and are therefore affordable to buyers.
  • Unlike some types of mattresses, you can use a spring mattress the moment it is delivered. There is really no need to wait for it to regain its shape before using.
  • Spring mattresses do not function on the basis of heat from your body. You therefore do not need to worry about the mattress being too warm or too cold when sleeping.
  • Unlike some types of mattresses that emit gas (gassing) when still new, spring mattresses produce no odor that can be disturbing during sleep.
  • Spring mattresses turn out to be very durable compared to any other type of mattress.
  • Unlike other types of mattresses, a spring mattresses require very little maintenance.


  • Spring mattresses can be very uncomfortable especially when you have aches or body pain. This is because the coils within push back exerted weight, leading to discomfort.
  • Do not expect spring mattresses to distribute your body weight evenly when you sleep. This presents the risk of developing spine and joint paints.
  • One big disadvantage of spring mattresses is their tendency to sag after several years of usage even though they are very durable. This is mainly because of type of materials used in their construction.

Their disadvantages not withstanding, spring mattresses have been around for decades and will possibly remain in the market for several decades to come.

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