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Advantages of fur blankets

Advantages of fur blankets

What does Fur Blanket Means?

Fur is soft, thick hair which cover the body of a mammals. Blankets made with the fur are used worldwide as source of warmth in cold weather. These blanket are available both in real or faux fur. Many people avoid real fur blankets because of their worry about animals but real fur blankets are always a better choice.

 Real fur Against Faux fur Blankets

There are several reasons why real fur blankets are better. Real fur blankets are environmentally friendly, they provide more warmth, and the texture of fur blankets is much softer than faux fur blanket. As our skin needs to breath properly to avoid excessive sweating in cold weather real fur blankets helps us in this cause.  Moreover if you want to give an elegant flare to you room real fur blanket can be a great option. These blankets look in every type of room either a living or a bed room.  It gives the best feeling in winter evening when wrapping in a fur blanket as one watch a movie or a television show.

Advantages of Faux Fur Blankets

In the modern world faux fur has become the vogue fabric. If you are an ethical mind person, fashion conscious or practical faux fur has a number of advantages over real fur blankets.

Cruelty Free

Most popular reason of faux fur blanket is that no animals are harmed during its creation. By choosing a faux fur blanket means that you still have a product which look like similar and warm and feel luxurious, without guilty conscience.

Cost effective

Faux fur blanket are cheaper than the real fur blankets. As to produce a real fur blanket the processing of the fur is much more expensive than the faux fur. The texture, quality and feel however often compares favorable.

More Breathability

A premium quality faux fur blanket is more breathable than real fur. Furthermore there is less chance of overheating when you are wrapping in faux fur blanket than a real fur blanket.

Environmentally Friendly 

Faux fur blankets provide a great way to keep warm during cold winter. As real fur is biodegradable many types of chemicals are used to preserve it.  These chemicals are quite harmful for human body. In other side faux fur is a synthetic composition and therefore no harmful chemical is used to stay it in good condition.

Cheap and Easier Maintenance

They are much cheaper than the real fur blankets and low maintenance is need as compared to real fur blankets. Real fur blankets needs chemical cleaning and special storage when not in use which is quite expensive and time consuming.

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