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now this is a VERY pretty and personal giftprobably have to wait til being old to be able to add all memories worth adding!
An effective method to recollect memories: photo blankets

An effective method to recollect memories: photo blankets

These days, people are very critical about the attractiveness and beauty of the different things that they use, no matter how small they are. Blankets being one of the most important things that are used by most people in our everyday life also need to be attractive in every aspect. There are numerous kinds of blankets available in the market these days. And one of the most popular blankets is the photo blanket. These blankets came into the market not very long ago, but very soon they became one of the most popular among the customers across the world.

Why choose a photo blanket?

A photo blanket is one that is made with a photograph. These days high quality photographs can be used. These provide a feeling that the people of things in the blanket actually comes to life. Since the blankets are large, the photographs actually look like they are actually alive. If the photograph is properly presented then the concept of such special blankets is far more effective than normal photo gallery. Another idea to provide a feeling of nostalgia is to get a collage picture blanket. This enables us to view a group of our favourite photos very frequently so that the memories never fade away from our mind. In other words we actually immortalise the most colourful memories that we have had. These blankets are also excellent gifts that we can present to others as a token of love or friendship or as a representation of the marvellous moments that we have had with them.

Choose one that is of high quality:

While selecting such a blanket quality should be given great importance. The photograph is not printed or silk- screened onto the blanket fabric. The photo is actually woven onto the front side of the blanket. And because of this reason the photograph never fades away. This is one added quality. So we must make sure that the blanket is always a woven one.

Materials used:

The most common material used here is wool. And this is mainly because of its capability to hold heat and keep the person warm and cosy. The cost and quality of the material is also very important. The photograph can only be woven efficiently onto the blanket if the material used is of fine quality.

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