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King Size Platform Bed With Drawers Plans
An overview of king bed frame with storage

An overview of king bed frame with storage

King sized beds are meant for large rooms a they occupy a lot of space. They are also imposing in appearance and lend a regal appeal to the room. With a large room and a regal bed , it would not seem good if you have the habit of packing off the knick knacks out of sight under the bed, or if you “air” things on the bed! That would definitely be far from regal!! The best option would be to get a bed with storage options

Storage bed

You might think that the king sized bed is imposing enough with out the storage adding to its bulk. Well, there is a way out of it too. Get the modern storage beds that are king sized! So there you have a large bed which looks sleek and neat as well as has a cool storage option that is actually a part of the bed! Most king sized beds, come with hydraulic pump sets, which make lifting the mattress up seem like child’s play. The use of hydraulics in the bed enable you use 100% of the space for storage. If that is not what you like then go in for th sectional storage where the sides are covered with sliding shutters which cove r a shelf. The part near the head of the bed has a pull out draw which can also double up as a side table or even an ottoman. The middle portion of the bed uses hydraulic pumps which pull up the top panels to reveal the huge storage space right under the mattress. The storage facilities can be tailor made to your needs. The head board area also can be used or storing various thing from books to bed linen. The head board can be turned into a show case for your special artifacts.


These beds frames are made of durable material like wood or metal. The slats of the foundation bed frames help in making the mattress feel soft an also provide ample space for air circulation. The platform bed frames provide firmness and support to the mattress. The wooden frames are the most versatile frames as they can be incorporated in any décor.  The frames are generally made from solid wood. Those that are made from plywood are given an alluring laminate finish.

Easy installation

Being factory made they are easily dismantled and reassembled. This is very useful especially if you are shifting. This feature comes in handy during spring cleaning where in you have to move things around.  The knock down DIY kit is a breeze to set up. You can install it easily at your convenience.

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