Unbiased Sealy Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2018
An unbiased memory foam mattress review

An unbiased memory foam mattress review

There is always a tradeoff between comfort and personal preference to healthy choices. For instance organic foods are healthier but are less satisfying to taste buds as compare to junk foods. Same is the case with memory foam. These mattresses owe a great reputation in providing utmost comfort and pleasurable experience but they are being accused of their harsh chemical composition.

Advantages of memory foam mattress

A survey done to gather memory foam mattress reviews reveal that these memory foams are outstanding in their performance. They give a pleasurable sleeping experience by ensuring proper circulation of blood through entire body. The design of these mattresses is particularly built to remove strains from pressure points alleviating pain. It also helps in even distribution of weight throughout the bed. However you have option to buy matresses of varying thickness. On average 8-13inch mattress are readily available in market. Greater thickness means greater drain on your pockets while lesser thickness definitely means lesser burden. But you will not be pleased to hear that the low cost result in low comfort and support. If you persistently adopt same sleeping posture and do not rotate the sides and edges of bed that means that soon your bed will be having a dip or indention that will add more discomfort. It is strongly advised to take care of proper rotations of mattress to enjoy its more working life.

Disadvantage of memory foam mattress

While most memory foam mattress reviews favor the purchase of these mattresses some disadvantages of such mattress have come to notice. Harsh chemicals used in manufacturing of such mattresses are debatable. People have reported developing symptoms like itchy eyes, discomfort while breathing, and headaches etc. such issue are largely dealt with organic latex mattress but they are not reputed for ultimate comfort.

Natural memory mattress

To combine the benefits of both types of mattresses natural memory mattress are now in market. Natural memory foam is developed after years of hard work. Hevea milk combined with grapefruit seed, jasmine essence and cone flower essence are mixed together and then added with other plant juices and aqueous solution to give resultant feel. You must be thinking that is it a mattress or some cosmetic product we are talking about? But the reality is that we are talking about natural memory foam that undergoes a series of steps before coming in final shape.

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