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You have purchased a mattress recently and have to change it for some reason. You can t just throw it out as it is relatively new and you ve paid a bomb for it. So what do you do A mattress shop is going out of business and have toget rid of the piled up stock in their shop but don t know where to go. A mattress company has a surplus of mattresses lying unsold in its storehouse owing to lack of demand or returns or manufactural defects.

defects. For all these problems there s just one answer and that is the mattress liquidators.

How does it work

How they work is amazing. They just buy the mattresses off the persons or companies wanting to sell them at a very low cost put the up for sale. They act as the link between the sellers and the buyers. While the sellers might not make mind blowing profits, they definitely will not lose out on all their They will get back some of it which in itself is a saving grace.

Mattress liquidation

It is the largest known mattress liquidator and deals with most of the well known brands of mattresses in the country. Their USP is that they are able to sell the mattresses to the general public almost at manufacturing cost. This is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. The buyer gets a good quality branded product at an easily affordable rate and the seller will be able to just about break even without suffering phenomenal losses. So it is a win-win situation for all those involved. They offer extremely competent prices which can hardly be matched by any one and to top it off they even offer a year warranty on the products.


History has it that they started out in and have a lot of experience along with customer good will to back them up. Till date they have sold , mattress in wholesale and , mattresses in retail all at very competent unmatched prices. Their business strategy and customer friendly approach has pegged them at the largest ns the most trusted mattress liquidators in the country.


Having won the trust of scores of customers has prompted well known companies to authorize them to sell their products. They have a great credibility in the market and are respected for their business practices. They are prompt in their service and are highly rated on customer satisfaction. Retail customers return often with their family and friends in toe to buy the mattresses from them. This more than anything else is proof of their credibility and efficiency.

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