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Classic Brands DeCoro Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed | Headboard and Metal Frame with Wood Slat Support
Bed platform queen – add some contemporary touch to your room

Bed platform queen – add some contemporary touch to your room

It is the desire of every homeowner that his or her house looks best and exciting. People spend a lot of money on the houses in order to make them attractive and beautiful. The inner look of the house is equally important as the external look of the house is. When it comes to the rooms, the bedding plays an important part in the overall look and theme of the room. All you need is a bed that is elegant, stylish and above all fits the style and theme of the room. It must also provide the extreme level of comfort. There are hundreds of options available for you but nothing can be as elegant and contemporary as the bed platform queen.

Easily available:

The bed platform queen is easily available everywhere. There are online stores and the local stores that will help you in getting the best bed. You need to go through the online stores and visit the local shops in order to understand today’s trend. The platform bed doesn’t need any box springs in order to support the mattress.


The size of the queen bed is perfect. The bed is not too big and not too small. It is just perfect. It provides a perfect space for everyone to have a good sleep or rest. The best thing about queen bed is that they are very versatile. It means that they are sure to work in any environment.

Design and Color:

While choosing the design and color of the bed, you need to make sure that it is according to the style of the room. The most common colors are white, black and brown. But, nowadays many new colors are being used. You can go for combination of colors or different hot and cool as well as the refreshing and energetic colors as per the theme of the room.

Beds with storage:

If you have space or storage issues, there are platform queen beds with storage. The storage allows you to make use of the space underneath the bed. These sort of beds are perfect for smaller to average size rooms.


You need to make sure that you buy nothing but the quality. Quality should not be compromised at any cost. When you are making an investment, make sure it is safe and long lasting.

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