Misha indian wedding card - letterpress wedding invitation
Misha indian wedding card letterpress wedding invitation
Best indian wedding cards

Best indian wedding cards

Indian Wedding Cards

Wedding cards are part and parcel of a wedding. It is impossible to think of a wedding without a wedding card.

Why Need Wedding Cards?

Indian wedding cards are not just used to remind the guests and invitees about the wedding, but they also help in letting the guests know the time of the wedding. Hence, a lot of thought is put into when choosing and designing a wedding invitation card.

Traditional Cards

A traditional wedding card is most popular these days in Indian wedding. They would come in different color schemes like golden, orange, saffron, red and green. Most of the cards will be having the picture of a betel leaf along with a picture of Lord Ganesh on it. Looking for unique wedding cards? Check out the images below:

Best Indian wedding cards

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