Buy the best sleep mattress to avoid lethargy |
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Buy the best sleep mattress to avoid lethargy

Buy the best sleep mattress to avoid lethargy

You are pretty picky while buying the shoes especially sport shoes, since you know the wrong one may set up you with aches and ankle pain. But, do you ever thought same about the mattress you’re sleeping on every night? When it is about good night sleep your choice of sleep mattress can affect your whole day at work. After all, a common person lies on the mattress for nearly 3000 hours per year.

What are the features of a sleep mattress?

A sleep mattress should provide exact support and resistance to the pressure points of the body. Failure to this results in aches and pain which may be referred to other parts of the body. Dimension of mattress also plays a major role in your sleeping habits. Mattress of improper dimensions may restrict your movement during sleep and may also result in severe pain in joints and lower back.

No matter how much you have paid for your mattress, if it is not comfortable there is no use of it. The ultimate aim of a sleep mattress is to provide you a cosy good night sleep with free movement without disturbing your partner. Comfort of a mattress is basically based on three things-

  1. Fibre used to prepare its surface,
  2. Material used in its body and,
  3. Number of spring boxes in case of innerspring mattresses

Sleep mattresses available in market-

There are various types of sleep mattresses available in market with huge brand options and price options. Here are some helpful notes about best-selling sleep mattresses-

Memory Foam Mattresses:

Developed by combining foams of different densities which contour with your body shape. Though it may empty your wallet, these are the perfect choice for person having chronic fatigue problems. Beware of temperature exacerbating quality of memory foam if you tend to overheat at night.

Latex mattresses: These comprises of rubber that provides consistent and firm support throughout the bed. These are hot choice of almost all people as they are available in various brands and come in budget also.

Innerspring mattresses: These mattresses have combination of spring boxes sandwiched by two firm sheets. These are the highest selling mattresses and remained in trend for decades. Though it doesn’t provide as much comfort as foam and latex mattresses yet these are popular as they are available in great brand variety in very low budget.

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