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How to Style Your Bed: Bedding Ideas
Choosing your own single duvet cover

Choosing your own single duvet cover

Duvet covers have graced may households for many years already. This is due to the fact that duvet covers are highly considered to be both a practical and essential item to have in a household. Many people tend to purchase them because of their functionality and also because they make your beds cozier and more comfortable to sleep in at night.


Duvet covers have to main functions or uses. Firstly, it is used to protect your duvets and comforters from sustaining severe damage due to dust, dirt and stain. If your duvet cover is made of durable materials and are woven tighter, it also helps protect your duvets and comforters from easily tearing apart. Secondly, it is a decorative item. Compared to your comforters and duvets, most duvet covers are designed and styled more differently. These decorative duvet covers are best used by people who are into styling their rooms accordingly.

Size and Type

When you choose duvet covers it would be best to determine the size or type that would best fit your preference and bed size. Most of them are sold according to bed sizes so it is not really that hard to choose. You just need to know your bed size and purchase a duvet cover that is of the same size. If you unfortunately don’t know the size of your bed then purchasing a cover in full size would be best since these are generally bigger compared to other available sizes and types such as a king or queen duvet cover, double duvet covers, or a single duvet cover.


A single duvet cover can be made out of different materials. The most common fabrics used for making duvet covers are cotton, flannel, wool, velvet, and other synthetic materials. The choice of material is important due to three things. First, the type of material used will determine how warm your single duvet cover will be. Warmer covers are made out of either flannel or velvet while cooler covers are those made out of cotton and synthetic fibers. Second, the material will determine its maintenance needs. Covers made out of synthetic material is easier to care for compared to those made out of natural fibers. Lastly, the choice of material will also affect whether or not the cover is non-allergenic. Most synthetic fibers are non-allergenic while natural ones are prone to be allergenic or irritant. If you have allergies or your skin gets easily irritated, it would be best to use covers made out of synthetic materials.

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