Decorative pillows – get to know their types

Decorative Pillows Get To Know Their Types Trusty Decor

A house features a number of seated furniture, like the couch, chair, sectional sofas, etc. They are known to give us a certain level of comfort. In some cases these furniture might not include any cushioning for that extra comfort. Furniture give a complete look to the house, but whatcompletes a furniture If there is one accessory which increases the comfort level of the furniture, it s the pillows. Pillows come in a wide range of options depending on their feel and size, however, what truly fits the house

house and the furniture are the right decorative pillows. It s important for one to ensure that the pillows blend in with style of the furniture and the house to avoid the odd man out appearance. Here is the list of different types of decorative pillows one could find in the market.

Knife-edge pillows

Knife edge pillows are the most commonly used decorative pillows in most of the houses. They are rectangular in shape, with knife shaped edges at thethe corners. This pattern appears as two sets of fabric are used and they are sewn together with a prominent seam running along the length and breadth of the pillow. The stuffing for the pillow is done from the center to the edges, and hence the central part of pillow is fluffier than the edges. They are primarily used for the beds.

Flanged pillows

This type of decorative pillows is also sewn in the same way as the knife-edged, except they have an additional fabric, called flange, at its edges. This pillow is one of basic types of pillow which finds its usage primarily in the living rooms, along with bedrooms. These rooms have more varieties in terms of colors and patterns compared to the knife-edged ones. They are perfect when placed in the living room, on the couch or sectional sofas. One could be innovative by placing them on shaggy rugs, thereby creating extra sitting space for one to try.

Box pillows

This type of pillows stand true to their name in terms of appearance. They have a firm shape in the form of a box. They have smooth and flat edges, which gives them this box shape. This type of decorative pillows are quite commonly infused with the furniture. They are limited in terms of colors and appearance and generally do not include patterns, as they come with the furniture.

Bolster pillows

The most unique among all the pillows are the bolster pillows. They are cylindrical in shape and have flat edges. They come in many color options and have bold patterns on them. They are more suitable as the living room accessory. Due to their unique shape they could help in relieving pains and giving extra comfort.

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