Decorative throw pillows

How to Spot Clean Decorative Throw Pillows |
How to Spot Clean Decorative Throw Pillows

What is a Throw Pillow

It is a small pillow used chiefly for decoration as on a couch, but are also used on beds, floors, and day beds. Typically throw pillow has a removable cover which is stuffed with goose feathers. They come in different shapes andsizes.

Types of Throw Pillows

There are many different types of throw pillows, however and they all have unique qualities. It usually depend which style one like the best. However circular, cylindrical and rectangular throw pillows called bolster,

bolster, are also much popular. The most basic type of throw pillow is Knife Edges Pillow, Box Edge Pillow is a squared off edges rather than narrowed corners, and Flange Pillow made of decorative fabric. Outside United States through pillows are called cushions. Throw pillows or decorative cushion are produced from a variety of textiles fabrics including leather, silk, faux suede, microfiber or linen hemp and cotton. Nowadays fashion designer have become more cautious about the textiles or fabrics thatthat are used to make up different kinds of pillows. This trend has given a wide range of elaborated looks and style.

Uses of Throw Pillows

From functional perspective throw pillows provide back, neck and head support. Throw Pillows are usually placed on sofas or on arm chairs but are frequently use on beds and floor. Throw Pillows are small pillows often in decorative colors and patterns. They usually provide support for head or other body parts. They are mostly used while sleeping on beds, or for a support on the couch or chair. Throw pillows serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

How to Choose Throw Pillows

The basic considerations one needs to decide to choose throw pillow are size, shape, color, patterns.


The average size is used for a sofa, but oversize pillows create a comfy, loungey feel. But if your sofa is modern and compact or one needs a pillow for a delicate side chair, use a smaller one. Otherwise one has to move them or take them off every time one has to sit comfortably.


Feather, foam or a synthetic mix is use as filling in the pillows. They help in maintaining the shape of the pillow quite well and are quite cheap. The filling mainly depends on the use of the pillows. When one tries to buy always examine them for quality.


Basically there are four types of shapes which are mostly use these are bolsters, squares, rectangle and round. The shape depends on the use of the pillow. Moreover Patterns, colors, style is also take into consideration.

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