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18K White Gold Three Stone Setting
Emerald rings for engagement

Emerald rings for engagement

Considering the polularity that emerald rings are gaining around the world in the present times we have presented here a collectiion of emerald ring below, in this collection of rings all the featured rings are fitted with a emerald at their very centre and needless to say that all the rings of the collection are designed by best of the best craftmans of thw world. All the rings of the collection are designed to be unique and different than the rest of the rings, while some of the rings are fitted with a single emerald others are fitted with more than one and in case of some of the rings an array of small cushion cut diamonds is also fitted alongside of the emerald. This feature which is incorporated in the rings is giving them a totally different look altogether and also providing a huge variety of rings to the buyer.

All the rings of the collection are specially designed for the purpose of engagement and are made up of fine quality platinum, so I had say that if your engagement awaits you in the neat future then it would be the nicest collection of emerald rings to choose your engagement rings from.

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