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Factors that inform mattress ratings

Factors that inform mattress ratings

Different brands of mattresses are available in the market in different sizes and types. All these mattresses have ratings and a mattress’s rating is informed by different factors. Knowing some of the factors used to rate mattresses can help you a great deal in choosing just the right mattress that will serve you well for a reasonable duration. Below are the factors that inform mattress ratings.

Level of Support

A mattress that you choose should provide you body with the necessary support when you sleep. Note that your body does not form a straight line when you sleep regardless of your sleeping style. There are those parts of your body including hips and shoulders that exert pressure on the mattress with such sections sagging inwards. You need a mattress that aligns with the whole of your body to avoid body aches when you wake up. Top rated mattresses turn out to be mattresses that counter exerted pressure by pushing your body upwards when you sleep.

Level of Comfort

Mattresses are also rated depending on level of comfort that they offer. Mattresses with hard surfaces are known to exert pressure on the body, which cuts off blood circulation. You are most likely to wake up with tired because of the need to change positions during the night. On the other hand, mattresses with too soft surfaces tend to sag hence preventing even body weight distribution. Top rated mattresses are anything in between; they are neither too hard nor too soft.

Level of Motion Transfer

You are most likely to experience motion transfer if you share a bed with a partner or some else. It happens that you are likely to be woken up when the other person gets out of bed. Such is an experience that illustrates that the mattress you sleep on transfers the other person’s motion of getting out of bed to your side. Top rated mattresses tend to eliminate motion transfer, making it possible for you to sleep without disturbances that wake you up.

Level of Temperature Neutrality

Different types of mattresses have different ways of dealing with heat. While some mattresses retain heat produced by your body only to become too much warm during sleep to a point where you wake up, some mattresses allow sufficient air flow, which eliminates the heat. Such are the top rated mattresses.

Level of Edge Support

This is the last factor that informs mattress ratings. While some mattresses remain flat throughout, some feature either encased foam or steel rod along the edges to prevent you from rolling over onto the floor when turn on the bed during sleep. Such are the top rated mattresses.

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