Our flannel duvet cover will keep you warm through the coldest
Our flannel duvet cover will keep you warm through the coldest winter nights. An organic
Flannel comforter will keep you warm

Flannel comforter will keep you warm

People spend one-third of their life sleeping, therefore, comfortable bed plays a crucial part in one’s health. One would think that only high-quality mattress contributes to beds comfort, but in fact, also right quality comforter can turn your bed into cozy place. It is our duty to invest in resistant bedding set, made out of natural, breathable materials.

Flannel, the material of comfort

Comforters are structured out of two parts, filling and covering. Filling materials are meant to be fluffy, soft and cozy. They contribute to the basic softness to your comforter. Covering materials are directly exposed and in touch with our skin, therefore a pleasant sensation to the touch is vital. Cotton, silk, wool, and flannel are natural materials that interior design industries aim for. Flannel is a soft woven fabric made traditionally made from carded wool and cotton. it is most commonly used for blankets, sheets, shirts and sleepwear. Flannel comforters are extremely soft, fluffy and comfortable. The material is warm and therefore perfect for those cold winter nights.

Recognizable pattern

Usually, when one mentions flannel, the first thought that pops into your mind are those distinguishable flannel shirts with a plaid or tartan pattern. These patterns are recognizable and ever-trending. To create the same authentic look in your bedroom, all you have to do is buy plaid flannel comforter or, at least, plaid sheet to cover it. A plaid pattern comes in different color combinations. Some are mellow, such as pink and beige combination, and others are more bold and striking, such as green and red color combination. Plaid flannel comforter gives your room rustic but modern lumberjack appearance. When purchasing such bold statement piece you have to keep in mind the furniture and walls cohesiveness. The plaid pattern can become overwhelming when in combination with other radiant colors.

Playing with the possibilities

To elevate your flannel comforter you can purchase complimentary flannel pillows, pillows of different sizes and shapes. In the last couple of years, pillows have created a trending boom amongst interior designers. Who would have thought that a simple object, such as the pillow, could change an entire ambiance of your room? Currently trending are settle floral patterns, pastel colored pillows or even pillows with frisky but inspirational quotes written on them. It is entirely up to every individual to create a perfect marriage between your flannel comforter and a pillow.

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