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Full mattress set buying guide

Full mattress set buying guide


Making a decision to buy a full mattress set can be very beneficial considering everything that makes up such a set. This is because a full set usually includes a bed and bedding accessories including pillows and sheets. It can indeed be cheap buying a full set compared to buying each item individually. Choosing the right set to buy should not be a problem so long as you know what to look for.


The right size depends on whether you are single or not. While singles are better off with single or twin mattress sets, couples do with double or full mattress sets. Whichever the case, the right size for you should be a size that matches size of your bedroom.

Type of Mattress

The type of set you buy is very important. You have the option of buying a spring or non-spring mattress. Spring mattresses turn out to be very common and popular because they are generally affordable. On the other hand, non-spring mattresses including memory foam mattresses are expensive even though they are of good quality and highly functional compared to spring mattresses.

Type of Bed Frame

A mattress set can have the bed frame made of varied materials including wood, metal or steel. The design of the bed frame also varies. Your best choice will depend on size of your bedroom and your personal preference.

Mattress Firmness

A mattress’s firmness is informed by its density. You are most likely to come across a mattress that is soft, extra soft, medium, firm or extra firm. The best firmness to settle for is largely informed by your sleeping style. Settle for a firm or extra firm mattress if you are fond of sleeping on your back. A soft or extra soft mattress is appropriate if you sleep on your stomach. Settle for a medium mattress if you sleep on your sides.

Mattress Topper

Although mattresses are traditionally available in flat tops, you need to consider whether or not to choose a full mattress set with a topper or not just in case you already have toppers. Choosing one with a topper can be beneficial considering that a topper serves to protect the mattress from impurities and spills that can easily degrade it. A topper also comes in handy when you have to deal with bed wetting. A topper can be any appropriate material stuffed with cotton, wool or foam. The right choice depends on your preference.

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