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Get your hands on v-pillows for extra support in bed and out of it

Get your hands on v-pillows for extra support in bed and out of it

V Pillows are a new trend that has entered into the market. Their unique shape makes them very useful for providing additional support to the body. Whether you are sitting on a chair or you wish to be propped up in bed, these pillows are ideal for providing the right kind of support.

Uses of a v-pillow

Apart from using it while in bed, there are a lot of other purposes that these pillows serve.

They are apt for reading as they provide an elevated platform for your books and papers

V pillows can be placed on your lap and used for working, perhaps with your laptop

These pillows also make baby feeding much easier

Sometimes, they are used by pregnant women in addition to normal pillows in order to remain more upright and to prevent rolling over in the night.

Different types of V-shaped pillows

V pillows have three sections that are individually filled. The centre section usually come with extra support.  These pillows are usually stuffed with cluster fibre so that they are soft and comfortable. They are designed for the sole purpose of providing proper support to various parts of the body.

Some v-pillows, which are made of memory foam are known to mould themselves to your body and offer complete orthopaedic support. At the same time, if you have allergy issues, with a little searching, you can find v-pillows that come with a hypoallergenic cover and are resistant to bed bugs and dust mites.

For extreme comfort, you can always choose a pillow made of duck feathers and down. These are easily available and provide a loftier, softer touch of comfort.

Benefits of using v –pillows

V- Shaped pillows are highly recommended at the time of pregnancy as well as nursing. It works well as a general maternity pillow, allowing a mother to rest better. Designed to relieve neck, shoulder and back pressure,v-pillowsprovide complete support for the neck as well as for the full back when used.

If you enjoy sleeping on your side, these pillows provide gentle support to your head and neck at the same time so that you have complete freedom of movement throughout the night. By providing proper spinal support, v pillowsare also useful in reducing aches and pains

Available in a range of colours and sizes, you will never have trouble finding one that suits your style and home.

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