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Guide to selecting a queen bedspread

Guide to selecting a queen bedspread

Bedspread is a covering for the bed. The cover protects the bed from dust and other contaminations. It has sides that are normally very long, flowing down to the floor. Most of the bedspreads are pre-filled with some material inside to make them warm as well as decorative. Sometimes one can get confused as to what bedding items can be termed as bedspread. Well, coverlets, comforters and quilts all fall under the category of bedspreads. When out buying the bedspread for your queen bed, consider the following.

  • Consider the Size of your bed and mattress

For one to get a queen bedspread they must at least own a queen sized bed, otherwise the oversized bedspread will look very awkward on the little bed. That said, the bedspread should drape over the sides, flow down to the floor and up over the pillows. This should be the right size of the bedspread for the queen bed.

  • Consider the Bedspread Type

We’ve seen that there are three types of bedspreads. Looking at the make as well as care for the types should guide in selecting the one that suits your needs the most.

  • Comforter

These are filled up with material such as down, cotton or wool that makes them warm. These materials are highly breathable and thus the best to choose when selecting a queen bedspread. Comforters are perfect for use during the cooler months.

  • Quilt

These are lighter than comforters thus appropriate for use during the warmer seasons. They come in many various patterns which can turn your bed to be the focal point in your bedroom when you match them properly with the rest of the colors in the room.

  • Coverlet

Much smaller than the comforter as it only covers the bed up to where the box spring stops. It should therefore be used together with a bed skirt for the bedspread idea to be complete. Coverlets are also very decorative and can be used as standalone decorative pieces for the bed without much fuss.

  • Consider Your Style Preference

Most of the bedspreads available will come in numerous color, patterns as well as different materials and fillings. Consider your style or taste in fabrics and be sure to purchase a bedspread that reflects on this. The styles available include contemporary, traditional, rustic and elegant. Buying bedspreads can be quite expensive, thus go for something you will be comfortable with over the long haul.

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