Can silk pillows REALLY make your skin and hair better?
How can pillow cases affect your skin and hair?

How can pillow cases affect your skin and hair?

Bed times are getting more and more stressful with women suffering from beauty pertaining woes. Do you wonder what to do with your hair while you go to sleep? If you tie your hair they may suffer from breakage. You may also end up getting a dent in the hair tie by morning. If you leave your hair open, they may end up getting tangled. You may even suffer breakout if you touch your face often. Breakout, fallout, premature wrinkles and damage to lashes have every women suffer from stress.

Put an end your worries with the use of appropriate pillow cases  

You can reap several benefits from sleeping on a pillow case made of appropriate materials. As cotton quite a rough material, it may lead to friction while you are asleep. This implies that your hair including the brows and lashes cannot move easily. Cotton clothes absorb moisture and sweat readily and make you feel drier. However, you may experience tangles and lashes damage when used as a pillow case. It may not prove out to be great for your face. If you are using a night cream, the cotton pillow case may draw all the moisture from your hair and face.

Switch to satin or silk pillow case

You can put all your bedtime beauty woes to an end if you switch to silk or satin pillow case. Just a small change in your pillow case material can offer you several benefits. You would experience less breakage in your lashes and hair when you switch to silk or satin pillow case. Your hair and skin would retain moisture. These pillow cases wouldn’t tamper the elasticity of your skin and would prevent the formation of wrinkles. You wouldn’t get tangles as your hair would slide around freely.

Make sure to wash your pillow case once in a week

In addition to changing the material of your pillow case, you need to ensure that you follow certain steps that would help you maintain the overall health of your skin and hair. Satin and silk pillow cases help keep dryness, wrinkles and breakage at bay. These can also help keep acne away. For this, you need to ensure that you wash your pillow case on a regular basis. If you don’t follow this, bacteria may thrive on the dead skin cells and give you a lot of beauty woes to deal with.

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