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Finding the right mattress
How to choose the best mattress

How to choose the best mattress

Continuous coil, open coil, memory foam… Aren’t you sure which mattress to buy? Here is an idea. Compare pros and cons of different mattress types and choose the best one. This article features 4 types of mattresses.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

This is the most popular mattress type. Despite not moulding the body’s shape as memory foam mattresses do, pocket sprung mattresses provide the needed support. However, they not so warm as memory foam. If you like feeling very warm, it’s not the best option for you.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory mattresses consist of layers of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material. These items are a bit expensive. However, their main benefit is the great body support. More than 80% of people using these mattresses claim that they are satisfied. This option is great for people suffering from back problems and other pains. Such mattresses can be used for 10-20 years. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages. These mattresses often contain toxic components. They may also give off strong odors. Moreover, such mattresses may be expensive.

Continuous Coil Mattresses

This option is the cheapest. Continuous types are made from a single wire. Open coil mattresses are made from springs fixed by one wire. Such mattresses are easy to find. They are affordable. However, people often complain about comfort issues. The average lifetime of such mattress is 5 years. Another its drawback is the motion transfer. When you move at night, your partner will be disturbed by your movements due to the design of the mattress.

Latex Mattresses

These mattresses contain latex foam that functions as the body support. They are highly durable. Preserving its good condition for more than 15 years, these mattresses are a relatively popular option. Natural contouring and low-pressure support are other benefits of these mattresses. As for the disadvantages, these items are quite expensive.

There are also water and air beds. Such mattresses don’t gain popularity. They aren’t used in bedrooms often. Nevertheless, they are a nice option for outdoors. Going for a picnic or spending some time near the swimming pool will be easier and funnier with these mattresses.

Choosing a mattress, try to imagine where you are going to put it. Besides, analyse your sleeping habits. Compare pros and cons of different mattress types. Now you are ready to go shopping. Remember that your health is more valuable than anything. Choose quality. This will help you stay healthy and positive

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