How to maximize use of black bedspread Sweet Home Collection 3 Piece Reversible Polyester
Sweet Home Collection 3 Piece Reversible Polyester Microfiber Goose Down Alternative Comforter Set with Pillow Shams

The color black is considered to be sexy, powerful as well as sophisticated. When used in the bedroom, it can create an atmosphere of mystery and seduction that perhaps only red can achieve. It can however be a challenge to some who might not know on how best to useblack in beddings maybe for the walls and furniture but for the beddings Not a clue. Here s how you can maximize the use of black in your bedroom using black bedspreads.

  • Use black to Create a Focal Point Point

You can use the black bedspread to create a focal point in your bedroom which is your bed. For this to be successful, have an all black dressed bed, then for the rest of the room, have a harmonious mix of other colors such as white, beige or blue that will bring out the bed, making it the focal point of the room. This makes your bedroom look elegant and rich, as well as bold and streamlinedstreamlined if only white and grays are used.

  • Use Black Furniture as well

To make the black bedding look less of the only black piece in the room, add other furniture that is also black in color. This makes the bedding look like a natural part of the whole bedroom. You can then choose to pattern the rest of the room with patterned wall paper, lampshades, drapes or rugs to bring out a cohesive look to your bedroom.

  • Use Prints on the Black Bedspread

You are not limited to using only pure black bedspreads, but can also have the bedspread come with prints of another color, mostly white and other bright colors. These should be minimally be scatted throughout the black bedspread so as not to overwhelm the black color. You can also have the pillows with the same prints as the black bedspread.

  • Layer the Black Bedspread

Layering the black bedspread is also another great way of maximizing the use of black in the bedroom. You can thus have a black bedspread such as a coverlet matched with a bed skirt of a different color, like white, blue or grey. You can also have the pillows incorporate the color of the bed skirt or have the headboard incorporate art of the same color with the new layering color. Also try to make the bedside table and lampshades of a different color from black in order to add the layering variety to the bed.

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