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How to reuse pillow covers?

How to reuse pillow covers?

Pillow covers can serve many functions right from serving as sleeping bag storage to the dust covers which can be used for valuable purses, in addition to protecting your pillows from grime as well as dirt. The following article can aid you to revamp your entire pillow cases so as to keep your home extremely decorated as well as organized. Following are five different ways to use the pillow covers.

Make a new pet bed

Pillow covers can be used to make an entirely new pet bed.  An extra pillowcase can be used to make a pet bed, where your pet can easily rest while co-ordinating the pet bed to match with your current decor scheme. You can always try to stuff the pillow cover with old pillows or with foam bedding which is hypoallergenic. You can also give a few stitches of your own at the ends.

Create customized throw pillows

You can always create your own customized throw pillows. You can always sew your own throw pillows if you are not able to find the same which accentuated your home. Always select a pillowcase that can easily fit with the look you are opting for. Two extremely decorative pillows can be created by cutting it in half.  Fill the pillow with batting after sewing the three sides shut. Repeat the same for all the remaining pillows. Sew up all the sides that are remaining and enjoy your newly made accent pillows.

Use as a replacement for sleeping bag covers

Pillow covers can also be used to replace the sleeping bag covers that are lost. Pillowcases can be very easily used to serve as a protective covering for your sleeping bag. The following trick can be used if you want to keep your sleeping bags clean as well as dry. At the top end of the pillowcase, make a small slit on the sides that are opposite. Later, thread a cord of heavy duty and make a knot at each end. Slip the sleeping bag inside your pillowcase after rolling the bag tightly. Later clinch the ends with the heavy duty cord that you have just added.

Use to store purses

Pillow covers can also be used to store your purses that are not frequently used. Slip the purses inside your pillowcase after ensuring that the purse is dry as well as clean. Make sure to fold the leftover fabric of the pillow case and place it in your closet, so that it can be retrieved easily. You can even try to color co-ordinate the pillow cases with the color of your purse to improve your organizational efficiency.

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