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How to wash dorm comforters

How to wash dorm comforters

Being the study area, bedroom and entertainment area at the same time, personalization of your dorm is a must. In this regard, the top spot of everyone’s checklist is occupied by bedding. Dorm comforter is an insignia of attractive and comfortable bed. Dorm Comforter sets the tone for your dorm decor and provide warmth and coziness. The selection of a dorm comforter takes into account its longevity and convenience of washing.

Here’s a list of different dorm comforters and various options for their laundering.


These are the plain and basic novelty fabric comforters but gives a hard time washing and often tear apart. The best way to manage washing is to machine wash and dry them. These dorm comforters are meant to be disposable and do not last long. Having the ability to engage allergens, plush comforters do not prove to be a good choice for students with allergic disorders.


Being not high cost, these polyester laden decorative fabrics can be washed in a machine and then dried. But they can exhibit ripped stitching at the end of the year. So don’t expect much in terms of longevity; enjoy and see them off at the end of the year. Tumble drying on low heat or letting them air-dry can be a useful strategy to improve longevity otherwise they may have a shelf life of 1 year at most.


This type of dorm comforters stands out when it comes to ease, comfort, warmth, coziness, durability and longevity. Icing on the cake is the high strand count which stops the allergens from entry into the comforter. Being luxurious and high quality stuff, down comforter requires utmost care when it comes to washing it. The best option for washing it is a professional cleaning service. But don’t worry, you can wash it yourself as well if you can not avail cleaning service. You just need to take care of a few things. Use the gentle cycle for washing the comforter and wash it alone. Mildly warm water and a little quantity of detergent would do the job more efficiently. To ensure the removal of detergent, rinse cycle is recommended. Tumble drying on low heat and letting it air dry is also suggested.

Short Tip:     

To fluff the feathers while drying, keep a few tennis ball along with the comforter in the dryer.

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