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Banner Mattress is one of the oldest mattress manufacturers that you can find. The business was founded by Ross Scorziell, an Italian who left Italy in to settle in the USA. With a dream to establish a business, he quickly figured out what type of business to start and settledon mattress manufacturing in . The business s mattresses were handcrafted and were sold in local shops and outlets.

Successive years saw the business improve its manufacturing practices, which made it possible to expand its operations. The business that now

now has a mattress manufacturing factory in San Bernardino, California is now one of the largest wholesale mattress manufacturers you can come across.


One area where the business has worked on to make its mattresses available to buyers at affordable prices is in the area of financing. The business makes available to you a number of payment options that make it possible for you to have a quality mattress for safe and enjoyable sleep. The business has partnered withwith Synchrony Financial that pre-approves all financing applications. It has also teamed up with Fortiva for buyers with inadequate credit ratings. You can indeed apply for financing online or by walking straight into a local Banner outlet to have a one-to-one talk with a salesperson.

The business also has a Layaway payment option that allows you to take advantage of low prices usually available during sales events. This makes it possible for you to reserve a mattress for up to four months before you eventually buy at the initial low price even if prices have shot up.


In addition to financing, you can also take advantage of the business s -day comfort guarantee. This is a guarantee that makes it possible for you to return a purchased mattress within days if it turns out not to be the right mattress for you. You can indeed return a mattress after days and have the opportunity to pick another mattress of a higher value. Although some manufactures also offer up to days comfort guarantee, the conditions under which you may return a purchased mattress can be difficult to fulfill. In Banner Mattress s case, the only conditions are that a mattress you had purchased must be of a value above and it should not have been a floor sample.


Apart from financing and comfort guarantee, there are other benefits that you obtain when you purchase a mattress from Banner Mattress. These include factory direct price and same day delivery among other benefits. It is indeed not surprising that the business has received numerous awards over the years, something attributed to its high quality mattresses and outstanding customer service.

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