The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Mattresses: Innerspring Mattress
Innerspring Mattess Layers
Layers of innerspring mattress

Layers of innerspring mattress

What is innerspring mattress?

The innerspring mattress is the type of spring mattress and it is built with the internal coils and it consist of coils and ahs three other components. They are the support layer, the fabric cover and the comfort layer. The support layer is the one which is known as the spring core and it is the main body of the interiors and it provides support to the people when they are sleeping. The support layer is made from the thousands or hundreds of the steel springs and it is also known as the coil springs and the coils.


Various factors are to be considered in these layers as the layer should be good combination of the softness and firmness. It can either expensive or cheap and the factors depend on the count and gauge used in the mattress. Then the comfort layer is also known as the upholstery layer. It is the top layer and it is made from various fibers and foams. It provides the comfort and the cushioning at surface level. The common materials used in the comfort layer are the latex, visco elastic, polyurethane foam and the gel memory foam. The cheaper options can also have the cotton, polyester materials in the top layer.

The fabric cover is also known as tickling and it encases the entire mattress. It includes the support and comfort layers. The encasing comes in different colors and patterns and it is mostly of the polyester yarns. The most expensive one has the ticking of eh rayon, silk, wool and cotton. If you can afford the expensive one then you can buy this type of mattress. The cheaper ones are also available. The colors of innerspring mattress are something which is of your choice and you can buy them as per your requirement.

Coil count

You must be wondering on what is the coil count. It is the number of coils and the springs in the inner structure. Usually it is common to hear that the coil count is 500 and in some of the springs it is 2000. The premium models include the 2000 springs. It is important that you remember that the figures are for the queen size. It is also well known that more the count of the coil, the price will be more and as we heard before that the comfort level also increases with the coil count. It is not only that the number of coils that will matter but the design is also considered.

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