Our 5 Highest Rated Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews For 2019
highest rated memory foam mattress topper reviews
Memorable memory foam mattress

Memorable memory foam mattress

Your mattress is very old and needs to be changed? Or is it that you are tired of your old mattress and would like to explore the newer options in the market? Well, whatever the reason, try memory foam mattresses. They are known to give you a good night’s sleep and relieve the stress and strain of the day.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam was first designed by NASA for its astronauts to be used on their airplane seats. After its success with NASA and its efficiency in protecting against shock, it was used in durables like the cushions in helmets, medicals solutions like prosthetics for the disabled, pillows for cervical spondylosis. It is made of a very subtle and pliant material called “viscoelastic”, which is highly soft and shock absorbent. it can be made in different densities and thickness. Owing to this very property of this material it began to be widely used in the manufacturing of mattresses and was very well received.

Benefits of memory foam

Being soft and pliant, the memory foam molds itself to the body contours in response to the heat.  This enables it to evenly distribute the body weight and ease the pressure on the spine.   The heat gets absorbed by the foam and can at times result in discomfort. To combat this, the foam is injected with a gel which helps in air circulation, thereby cooling the sleep surface. The mattress is beneficial to those suffering from low back pain and other joint pains. It is known to enhance the quality of sleep. The mattress also helps in reducing the build- up of allergens. Some of the mattresses are provided with a silver induced polycotton cover which acts as an anti-bacterial shield and prevents allergies. The silver infusion holds out for several washes and is very durable. In spite of being soft, it is firm owing to the high density of the foam.


These mattresses are known just as much for their longevity as for their softness. They are built to take the daily load and last a very long time. The fact that most companies give a 25 year warranty on the mattresses is proof in itself. Those with the gel infusion are sturdier than the normal mattresses. Though the mold themselves to the pressure points of the body they bounce back the moment you are off the mattress. This means that they do not hold the impression or sag like the other mattresses even after prolonged use.

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