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Microfibre blankets for all seasons

Microfibre blankets for all seasons

These blankets are soft, warm and comfortable and are available in a variety of colors. They are lightweight, super soft and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Unlike minks polymers are used in the manufacture of these blankets. Microfiber is a material which is manmade like fiber filled pillows. Microfiber Blankets are made of polyester which contains different fibers that are combined to work together. The result is a fabric what is soft to the touch and does not get wrinkled, stretched or stained. It is fantastic looking, durable and provides comfort.

How are Microfiber blankets made?

Microfiber blanket is a combination of polymers. A single thread of this fiber is 100 times finer than  human hair. It is this combination of fibers that provide a durable fabric which does not shrink when washed repeatedly, or promote static cling and does not face any problem due to long use. The price is affordable and does not face many of the problems faced by other fabrics. Many consider microfiber blankets to be made of thin fiber which is very cheap and low quality  compared to  cotton or a blend of polyester cotton but that is not so. The fiber of this blanket is thinner than human hair but a square inch of this fiber contains many fibers compared to a cotton fiber.

How Microfiber blankets provide warmth and comfort

Today synthetic fibers  which are ultra fine are woven together  to make high quality fabrics having  super fine feel. Microfiber blankets made of Sheets of microfiber material are breathable and fine enough to be cool for the summer months but not cold when the temperatures drop. The transition of these sheets between seasons is very comfortable and gives the feel of a cozy t-shirt that is well worn.

What are the benefits of Microfiber blankets?

Microfiber Blankets have a lot of benefits and here are a few of them. It is shrink resistant and the material has good strength to last a long time. Fabrics woven from microfibers are very soft and delicate to the touch due to tight weaving of a lot of ultra fine fibers unlike other fibers which  require to be washed several times for the soft touch. They are resistant to shrinking, stains, abrasions, stretching and mildew. They are resistant to static- cling in comparison to other fabrics. It is breathable and provides insulating characteristics. The fabric is good and allows perspiration and oils to pass through and keeps your body dry. It is less costly compared to cotton and cotton blends. It is good right out of the dryer

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