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Modern beds and bed accessories

Modern beds and bed accessories

Beds are more than a piece of furniture these days. It is basically an item on which we spend a major time of our daily lives.

Most beds in today’s era consist of mattress and a bed frame. The mattress is placed above the base that can be a wooden slate or a spring base. There are headboards and footboards as well. In short, the beds today are very much comfortable. Gone are the days when we used to found the luxurious beds only in the hotels. The luxury is in the hands of everyone these days. Anyone can buy the beds easily as they are very much affordable now. Above all, there is a huge range of bed available these days.

Bed accessories:

We all use the bed accessories and we all are aware of them. Below mentioned are some of the major mattress and bed accessories.


Pillows are used to provide essential support to head and neck.


The bedding is everything that is placed on the mattress. It is the bed sheet, blankets, quilts etc.

There are different traditions in different parts of the world. If we talk about the Asian culture, they people didn’t use the bed frames in the past. They used the platform beds. There are different types of beds being used in different parts of the world. Some of the types are mentioned below.

Air beds:

As the name suggests, these beds use a mattress in which air is inflated. Most of them have an air pump that allows the people to change the firmness as per their desires. The bed is also used as the travel bed or a temporary sleep bed.

Bunk beds:

Bunk beds are the most common beds. These beds are the love of kids and teenagers. You must have seen these beds in college hostels as well. These beds save a reasonable amount of space and allow more people to sleep on it.

Loft beds:

The loft beds are very much similar to the bunk beds. The only difference is that they don’t have the lower bed and that space is utilized as storage or a play area for kids.

Camp beds:

The camp bed, as the name suggests, is a simple, portable and a temporary bed used by major organizations and the defense forces in different situations. People who go on camping at regular intervals also use these beds.

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