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In order to feel great and be healthy, you should sleep well. A comfortable bed is the first thing on your way to healthy sleeping habits. Buying a mattress isn t the easiest task. It requires a lot of energy and time. However, knowing some basic information about mattresses andseveral tips will help you choose the right one easily and quickly.


The first thing to do is to measure your bed. Knowing its size, you ll know what mattress to buy. Here is a list of mattresses sizes

sizes you may find useful: twin x , twin XL x , full x , queen x , king x , cal king x . As you may notice, a twin mattress is the smallest one. It allows only one person to feel comfortable on it.


There are many situations when you can use a twin mattress. Firstly, you may put it on your child s bed. It may also be a bed for you. Many people buy thesethese mattresses for guestrooms or dining rooms. They are small and relatively light.


When you already know that you need to buy a twin mattress, consider choosing the right material. There are many materials to choose from. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. A memory foam mattress is made from a high-density polyurethane foam that functions as the support for your body. Contouring the shape of the body, this mattress improves your health.

Another popular option is the innerspring mattress. Using a steel coil support system, a mattress is made from different springs connected to one unit. The innerspring is covered by an upholstery.

Hybrid mattresses combine a steel coil support with a foam. Foam mattresses also combine the foam: polyurethane, memory foam, latex foam, gel, etc. There are also gel mattresses, air beds, latex mattresses, adjustable foundations, etc. In order to choose the best option, you should analyse your sleeping patterns and characteristics of different mattresses. Thus, you ll understand which type will be the most useful and comfortable.

If you ve decided to buy a twin mattress, start with measuring the size of your bed. There may be slight differences in dimensions of mattresses made by different producers. When you know the correct dimensions, choose the proper material. In order to do this, you should analyse your sleeping patterns and benefits of different mattresses types. Make sure you choose quality, not brands.

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