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Zero Customer Complaints at Mr. Mattress Vancouver Mattress Store

Mr. Mattress is a family business owned locally which deals with mattresses and nothing else. They have specialized in mattresses and offer expert advice and solutions to their customers


History has it that, having started in they have steadily climbed the ladder by warming their way into their customershearts. They have earned the good will of their customers by giving them the best options and services. Their s is a locally owned business and have remained in place for over years. They offer the best quality mattresses at

at extremely low prices. They specialize in two sided mattresses. They have a unique offer- anything costing more than is delivered home free of cost

The store ambience

Their store is a lovely place to visit. It has no frills and extra trappings. Very down to earth and homely d cor make this a cozy place. Shopping here is the most pleasurable experience. The show room has an old world charm and ambience that is hard to resist. TheThe old shiny wall paper, the shag carpet and the old modeled telephone with a rotator dial, all add to its cozy warmth. Nothing fanciful there. The shop is loaded with oodles of mattresses of various kinds to suit all needs and pockets.

Their USP

Simplicity in appearance and dealings is their USP. They go all out to make you feel comfortable and at home in the showroom. The moment you walk in you are treated like a family member. The staff listens to your queries patiently and gives you very down to earth responses. They do not make any fancy claims and launch into aggressive marketing gimmicks or a confounding tirade loaded with incomprehensible jargon. They show you options that might suit your budget and other needs and then quietly leave you to test the mattresses for feel and comfort. They even invite you to take a nap before deciding The prices are surprisingly very low and the products are true value for money especially with their two sided mattresses which are upholstered on both sides. This means that the mattresses last of a long, long time. They can be flipped over and used as they provide two sleep surfaces. The after sales service is prompt and excellent. They are very quick in delivering the products to your home at no extra cost. While delivering the mattress, they help you install it properly without causing any damage like scratches on the walls or dirtying your carpets etc. The staff is extremely courteous and caring. Shopping here is an unforgettably pleasurable experience.

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