Full Gold Plated Couple Wedding Rings New Model Wedding Ring For
full gold plated couple wedding rings new model wedding ring for engagement
New model gold wedding band

New model gold wedding band

Gold Wedding Band

The yellow wedding band is the most common type of band preferred by most men and women for their wedding.

Comfort Fit Wedding Band

As a gold wedding band is hardly off one’s finger, brides and grooms look for bands that are durable, comfortable and hypoallergenic. The internal wall of the band must be rounded and not flat one. The band must be thicker rather than heavier and hence would be comfort fit.

Wedding Band Design

As wedding in your life does not come very often, it is important for you to choose a band design that suits your personality, wedding theme and your taste. You can opt for custom designed wedding bands so that you get one that is closer to your heart. Check out some of the unique wedding band designs below:

These wedding bands have been designed with a touch of brilliance. The yellow gold color makes them elegant and exquisite enough to satisfy your bold fashion sense. They have a tasteful round cut diamond at the center that gives it that touch of elegance. The bands have a high polish finishing that gives them that lustrous look.

If you are looking bold and elegantly designed ring bands, consider these classy designs. They have been designed with the perfect combination of gold and white diamonds that create a beautiful flair. The wedding bands have a perfectly cut round diamonds that sits at the center in a magnetic design. The center piece is fitted on a trio ring band that makes it handsome.

It is simple but with a touch of boldness added to it. The ring has a glistening look due to the high quality finishing. The yellow old color makes it exquisite and expensive in appearance. This 18k gold band will make you look divine

These wedding bands are charming in design. They have been designed with no embellishments or accents but their design exudes power and confidence. They have a top polish finishing which makes them gleaming enough to draw in attention.

The design is alluring and tantalizing. This wedding band has been designed for the people who appreciate bold jewelry. It has a round cut diamond stone that sits at the center in a prong setting. The center piece is fitted on a well embellished trio ring band. The ring band has been decorated with white round diamonds.

The embellishments are enough to draw in attention. This wedding ring has been designed with a perfectly cut round diamond that is set on a prong. The center piece has diamond clusters around it that add a touch of elegance to the design. It has been fitted on a micro pave ring band that is split on either side.

These classy ring bands emanate great confidence and power. They yellow gold color makes the ring bands magnetic and luscious. They have a high polished center that makes it glistening. The outer part of the ring has a rough design that makes it bold enough to command attention.

The heart shape diamond center piece makes it elegant and classy. It has a gleaming round cut diamond that is set on prong. The center piece is fitted on a well designed single ring band. The ring band has been embellished with round cut diamonds.


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