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Note these when considering a pillow mattress

Note these when considering a pillow mattress

There currently is a crazy trend in sleep world where the promise of sleeping in a cloud is being realized by the introduction of pillow mattresses. Retailers have effectively responded to this and have stocked up pillow mattresses for their clients. Most of these mattresses are advertised as pillow top mattresses because it is the top that speaks more for the mattress.

What Makes a Pillow Mattress?

Pillow top mattresses differ from other mattresses mostly in construction. It is constructed by placing a padded (pillow) top onto a mattress beneath that will act as the pillow top’s support structure. This mattress will therefore be a one sided mattress since the top cannot be reversed with the bottom. The top (pillow) is mostly filled with some materials such as wool or memory foam and is sewn firmly underneath to keep the filling in place. This gives the mattress a lofty as well as absolutely glorious look.

Are they better than Non-Pillow Top Mattresses?

Comfort wise, pillow top mattresses offer the best, though this will depend on whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper. Generally most side sleepers prefer the pillow top mattress. The pillow mattresses are also more likely to contour to your body, helping relieve back pain and pressure joints.

The downside of these mattresses comes in their longevity and life span. The mattress is likely to sag much earlier than normal mattresses and this gives it a much shorter life span. This sagging will also affect the top only, making it quite a waste since the bottom structure, which is mostly normal foam or spring mattress will still be intact. Furthermore, you cannot replace only the top, since it is sewn into the base supporting mattress. This thus makes the mattress expensive.

How To Care For the Pillow Mattress

To prolong the life of your pillow top mattress it is highly advisable that you rotate it at 180% at least once a month to avoid it wearing out unevenly. Remember that it is the body weight that will cause the eventual sagging of the padded top. It will also be beneficial to avoid sitting on the sides of the pillow top mattress as this will cause unsightly sags and lumps.

Good housekeeping also requires that you vacuum the mattress regularly to flush out dust mites, skin flakes and other debris that may have found their way onto the mattress.

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