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Novaform Mattress Reviews
Novaform mattress for durability

Novaform mattress for durability

The current trends in the purchase of mattresses are latex.  Most people opt for latex mattresses for comfort, durability and the absence of chemical emissions. Today the life of a latex mattress can be extended by having a latex topper instead of changing the old mattress. Latex is made from rubber and does not contain any chemicals. Novaform mattress has a long life span which makes users opt for this mattress. Some of these mattresses last for 12 to 20 years or more.

The Benefits of Novaform Mattress

Novaform Mattress is known to be environment friendly so many buyers opt for these mattresses. Latex is extracted from rubber trees and is used in the manufacture of mattresses. Since it is natural it not necessary to treat latex with chemicals and pesticides during manufacturing. Mattresses used in United States have to undergo fire safety norms. Latex is treated for fire safety using natural wool which is retardant to fire.  A full Latex mattress or a latex topper provides you comfort for a good night’s sleep especially if you have back problems. People who are bedridden can also have the benefit of latex mattress for proper circulation  of blood. Latex molds to the shape of the body and provides support to pressure points. So people who are bedridden are prevented from getting bed sores.

Novaform Mattress and its quality         

Novaform mattress is made from 100% pure latex which is not treated with any chemicals so it is ideal for people suffering from allergy. It is said to be hypoallergenic. The latex is so arranged that the mattress is breathable, air circulates through the mattress and gets rid of any moisture.  This prevents dust mites and other microbes making their home here. These mattresses also prevent mold and mildew which makes them ideal for asthma suffers.

The Deluxe Comfort

This extra thick latex mattress provides the ultimate in comfort and sleeping experience. This mattress consists of three layers which are put together for support, comfort and ideal sleeping temperature. The first layer consists of gel infused latex which keeps cool through the night. The second layer consists of air channel which allows air to circulate and cool the mattress. The third layer consists of firm base latex which provides durability. The mattress is provided with a quilted cover for a rich and stylish look. There is nothing better in comfort and support than this mattress provides for a peaceful night’s rest.

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