Quilted Deluxe Organic Cotton Twin and Full Size Kids Mattress
Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe Mattress
Organic cotton mattress

Organic cotton mattress

Everywhere, the world over, people are waking up to the fact that we are burying ourselves under layers of toxic, noxious chemicals that can do only one thing- destroy our world and us with it. We have using chemicals indiscriminately and psyching ourselves into thinking that we are making our lives easy and beautiful with the help of these chemicals. We have allowed these chemicals to take over our lives to such an extent that we even, quite literally, take them to bed with us. Yes our mattresses breathe out toxins as we so trustingly snooze on them! That’s the reason we have seen an alarming rise in the incidence of cancer.

Organic material to the rescue

Realizing the dangerous situation we have created for ourselves, people the world over have started taking corrective measures. The world is slowly but surely veering towards the use of organic material. That includes mattresses too. The manufacturers are veering towards eco-friendly methods of manufacturing mattresses. They are now using organic and natural materials like cotton, flax, and latex from natural rubber, wool, steel, horse hair and even organic memory foam! Being natural and organic, these materials are breathable and allow free circulation of air. This avoids the accumulation of allergens and disease causing mites.

The benefits

Organic cotton mattresses are firm and provide the required support for the body. They are breathable and make sleeping a cool and comfortable experience. Being firm, they take the load off the spine and other joints. They help in regulating the temperature and keep the sleeping surface cool and are extremely beneficial for deep sleep.

Types and material

There are many types of organic mattresses. They come in a combination of materials which are supposedly sourced from natural materials. The most common and popular type of mattress is the latex mattress made from natural rubber. The other popular and safe bet is the cotton mattress. This sort of mattress is totally natural and firm. It provides excellent body support and does not lay undue stress on the pressure points of the body.  Horse hair mattresses are another excellent option as they nick moisture and temperature away and also help in providing firm support to the spine. Wool, though soft and pliant, can be a breeding ground for dust mites and the lanolin present in them can cause allergies. Memory foam made from natural material supports the body well and the gel injected into it, make air circulation a breeze!

Certified standards

The completely organic mattresses have to adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standards. They use organic materials which are grown without the use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals.  The organic memory foam mattresses use latex from natural rubber and instead of regular toxic glue, they use non-toxic glue obtained from molten latex and acrylic resin. This concoction holds the layers of foam firmly together.

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