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3pc Ivory King Quilt Set,Oversized King Quilt Bedding,Modern Soft Contemporary Style Woven
Oversized king bedspread – different styles

Oversized king bedspread – different styles

The beds need the bedspreads for two primary reasons, to ensure that there is a layer between the mattress and the body while sleeping, and it gives a bright outlook to the uniform color of the mattress. The bedspreads are difficult to find, especially when one has the king sized beds. This is where the collection of oversized king bedspread helps one. This type of bedspreads are perfect for king sized beds as they cover a major portion of the bed, giving a uniform and elegant look to the beds. This oversized king bedspread comes in different styles and could be bought as per the style of the house and the bed itself.

Modern Styled

This type of bedspreads are quite modern in appearance and also the type of fabric and the styles that they incorporate. They are most designed to suit the contemporary styled houses and beds. They are known to give off a very elegant outlook. They are also known to incorporate a lot of greyish tinge, which is considered to be too dull for other style of bedspreads to be used. The fabric used here also include latest fabrics like polyester, nylon, etc.


Ruffle is a sewing technique which quite commonly used around 1960s where they incorporated extra flaps called ruffles or frills on the bedspread. This technique was incorporated not only in bedspreads but also on the dresses and curtains. This style of oversized king bedspread gave off a unique cheerful appearance to the bedroom itself. They are sewn strategically, most of times placing the ruffle on the hanging side of the bedspread.


The antique styled bedspreads are quite rare in usage in the recent year, primarily due to the expense factor and high maintenance factor. The biggest benefit of these antique styled bedspreads are their durability. The fact that they are generally hand woven, makes them quite sturdy. The large scale production of such bedspreads do not match the authentic ones in terms of appearance and richness.


Chenille is a yarn which is made from the fur of the chenille caterpillar. This fabric is used to weave the bedspread, thereby giving a soft and velvety appearance to the bedspread. The bedspreads with this fabric are known to include some craftwork on them, giving out a rich outlook. One of the major drawbacks on this style of oversized king bedspread is that they cannot be washed but they need to dry cleaned, to maintain the soft and velvety texture that is given off by the bedspread.

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