Overview of magnetic mattress pad

Mattress pads are generally designed to provide cover to top of mattresses. They are primarily made of foam and offer some level of comfort when on a mattress. They are particularly beneficial when you have a mattress with a hard surface that is uncomfortable to sit or lie on. There are different types of pads including electric and magnetic pads whose use is determined by various factors. Magnetic pads are particularly of special interest.

A magnetic mattress pad is designed to be highly comfortable and luxurious. It has magnetic power that is very effective in improving blood circulation in addition to relieving body pain and discomfort during sleep. This type of pad can be placed on top of a mattress or under sheets.


Use of this type of pads is similar to magnetic stones that were used in such countries as China in the past to relieve body pain. Magnetic therapy has in the past also been employed in such locations as Egypt and Greece as part of regular treatment for various illnesses and health conditions.


Using a magnetic mattress pad offers a lot of health benefits in addition to sleep related benefits. Such health benefits include:

  • Relief of joint pain.
  • Relief of arthritis associated pain.
  • Relief of back and neck pain.
  • Relief from uncomfortable sleep.
  • Relief from chronic headache.


Use of magnetic pads on a mattress does not present any risk. Indeed World Health Organization (WHO) has approved use of magnetic therapy mattresses in health facilities for treatment and management of various health conditions. However, it is highly recommended that pregnant women avoid using magnetic pads on their mattresses because risk of doing so has not been ascertained.


Use of magnetic mattress pads no doubt continues to raise issues with consumers and in particular mattress buyers. While there are those who report to having benefited from using the pads, there are also others who avoid their use at all costs for fear of the unknown.

Regardless of such unknown fears, use of magnetic pads in management of heath conditions has been widely documented. Furthermore, there are a good number of scientific studies that have been undertaken, studies that have proved that magnetic therapy is indeed effective in relieving body pain.

Magnetic mattress pads are widely available at both retail and distributor mattress outlets. Online mattress outlets are also good sources of this type of mattress pads.

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