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Pillows – their applications

Pillows – their applications

Pillows are the soft cushions of comfort that you seek after long day. The history of pillow dates back to Ancient China, Egypt and Mesopotamian civilization. Though in ancient days pillows were used for various purposes but today they are used for comfort, health and decoration.

Categories of pillows

The main purpose of a pillow is to provide a good support and comfort to the body and head. There are three basic categories of pillows from their application point of view, traditional bed pillows, orthopaedic pillows and decorative pillows and there are miscellaneous varieties which might be a combination of basic types or more of contemporary designs.

Traditional bed pillow

The traditional bed pillows are a shape of square or rectangle. It comes in three different sizes standard, queen and king sizes. This type of pillow is covered with a removable pillow case that could be laundered.

Orthopaedic pillow

Orthopaedic pillows are used to support neck or lower back. It is often used while travelling, driving, or for prolonged sitting. Neck pillows are used to sleep while travelling; the U-shape keeps neck in alignment with spine while sleeping however sometimes it provides stiffness in neck. People suffering from Tailbone injury use donut pillows which are firm with a space in middle that alleviates pressure on tailbone while sitting. Lumbar pillow is used by people driving or sitting for a long time. It supports lower back by filling the space between the chair and lower back.

Decorative pillow

Decorative pillows are used both for aesthetic and functional purpose. These types of pillow are usually addressed with different names which describes their usage.  Accent pillows are used in accenting home decor. Couch pillow is used decorated couches or sofa. Novelty pillow is usually comes in different shapes to brighten and add humour to a room. Main purpose of a decorative pillow is to furnish most parts of the home.

Miscellaneous pillow

These are types of pillows used for various miscellaneous purposes and are addressed by various names. Firestop pillow is filled with fire stop products which are used in passive fire protection. Chinese rock pillow dates back to ancient china and is made from jade; Chinese believed that these pillows translate energy from stone to human brain. It is believed that these pillows tend to cure headaches and depression, and even today rock pillow is commonly used in China during summers.

Self-adjusting pillow has D-shaped arced bottom that provides comfort to the body because it is not affected by any material substances. There are also different hug pillows available in a market usually known as husband pillow.

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