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Platform bed mattress for space

Platform bed mattress for space

Platform bed mattress is ideal if you have place constraint. Twin beds in the apartment can be put together and a platform bed mattress can be arranged on the twin beds to provide additional space for sleeping. The matching night stands can be arranged on either side of the bed to give the place a new look. A painting can be fixed on the wall above the bed and L.E.D lights can be fixed above the picture and your bedroom gets a new look. To give an extra special look you can change the window curtains and valances to match the bed furnishing.

The Comfort of a Platform Bed mattress

The Platform  mattress can be ideally chosen of latex or cotton which are natural fibers so you will have no problems. Natural fibers are not treated with any chemicals so you do not have chemical odor for a few days. Nothing to worry as natural fibers are hypoallergenic, so no problems or colds or nose blockages unless you are an extra sensitive person and suffers  from allergy problems. Since latex is a natural fiber it is breathable so air passes through the fiber and keeps it well ventilated. Dust mites will not affect this mattress as it is ventilated.

How Platform bed and Mattress can enhance your bedroomKing Platform Bed Frame - 8

Today  with the idea of using simple lines in décor which  can be easily cleaned and refreshed  the designs in bed and other furniture around the apartment are simple  but of quality wood. So when one opts for platform bed it provides the slick look to your bedroom. This platform bed does not require box springs nor the use of metal frames. It requires simple wood slats on which rest the platform mattress. After the mattress is fitted then you can have the comforter to give it a new look.

Best Mattresses for Platform beds

There are some mattresses that fit well on a platform bed like the innerspring, hard side waterbeds,       memory foam, futon style mattress, waterbed with soft sides and latex. It the bed has a strong plank  instead of the slats then any of these  mattresses  will fit nicely. If the slats are too far spaced then these mattresses could wear off very fast. The mattress should be comfortable on the platform bed and provide the support and comfort for a good night’s sleep. The mattress will come with warranty about its use without the required foundation. The warranty will not be honored if the mattress is used without the specification mentioned.

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