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Pointers to help you get the best green throw blanket

Pointers to help you get the best green throw blanket

What exactly is a throw blanket?

Unlike conventional blankets, you can do a lot more with a throw blanket than keep warm. Ever seen those stylish and soft cloths used to provide a background to pillows on furniture, or those subtle style elements on hotel beds, spread on a quarter of the bed sheets? These are just a few of the places where a green throw blanket, or a throw rug, is used on a couch or a bed to add a new color or texture element to the décor.  In order to help you make the most of your choice, here are a few suggestions for getting a green throw blanket or any other color that you like.


There are many different weights of throw available, and a cotton fabric is one of the best choices for a duvet. You can get several textures and colors in cotton, and these will add to style as a breathable element of your furniture. The best way of taking care of your cotton throws blankets to keep them in a dry and cool space.


Tencel is a material that is made using wood pulp, and is ideal for making summer blankets. This fabric is soft, wrinkle-resistant and requires minimal maintenance as far as woolen blankets go. It keeps the moisture away from your skin, thus helping you stay cooler on the humid nights.


A woolen throw works great in those chilly winter months, but can be a heavy option for the warmer months. This is a suitable option if you are expecting it to cold for majority of the year; otherwise, a softer fabric will make a better option. It traps the body heat rather than letting it breathe, so chose woolen throws carefully. To remove pilling, you can use a spare razor.

Decorative throw blankets

If you are looking to add a subtle yet effective element on your bed, then a light green throw blanket can be just the right thing. If you are someone who prefers sheets with a calmer tone, then you can add a more dynamic element by choosing a brighter throw. Handmade linen throws or Kanta quilts make the bed more inviting and add a feeling of luxury. Contrast these throws with bold cushions for a greater effect.

Thus, with all the above information, you should be able to make the most of your throws and add them to your décor.

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