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Reversible comforters: an ideal bedding option

Reversible comforters: an ideal bedding option

When it comes to interior décor, bedrooms get the utmost attention, being a private space and a personal retreat. It is important that a bedroom is what the owner wants it to be- a place to relax at the end of the day. The bed takes centre-stage in a bedroom, and requires careful thought in design and even higher consideration in terms of function. What we choose for our beds is ultimately meant to let us have a good night’s rest; hence, comfort is the prime requirement. A comforter is the ideal element to up the comfort level of your bed. Though it is mainly used to snuggle under on a cold winter’s day, with those hundred layers creating an insulating effect, a comforter is also an essential design component for a well-dressed bed. After all, the comforter takes the outermost spot when it comes to bedding. Choose a reversible comforter and you end up with an extremely flexible design element, worth every penny you spend on it. How to choose the perfect reversible comforter for your bed? Read on to find out!

Discovering the ideal comforter

When it comes to bedding, there should be no compromise for quality. A comforter should be what its name entitles- soothing and comforting. Invest in quality linen comforters with high thread counts. The material you choose must ensure that your comforter survives years of laundry treatments. Volume adds a luxurious look, so don’t be afraid to experiment with thicker (or lofty) comforters.

Choose the right colors

A reversible comforter allows you to play with styles, as they can be reversed to achieve a contrasting color or pattern. It’s not practical to get multiple comforters so choosing the right colors is a critical step. Choose a color that blends with the rest of your furniture and bedroom accessories. It is better to be safe than sorry; hence, go for colors that are always in vogue and can be used with anything. If your bedroom has a pale theme, go for a comforter that can be reversed to a contrasting darker color, or a geometric pattern.

Finish off with a layered style

The most traditional and appealing way to style your reversible comforter is to drape it over your bed, and fold the top edge back to reveal the contrast and create a layered effect at the same time. You can also use display one side of the comforter and add a folded throw blanket on top blanket on top, though folding back the top edge can create a similar effect.

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