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Soothing therapeutic mattress

Soothing therapeutic mattress

A good mattress can make for good sleep which is most therapeutic and soothing especially after a long day at work. It helps relieve all the stress and puts the spring back in your step by morning after a refreshing sleep.

Pain reliever

Most of  us a assailed by severe aches and pains , all stemming from the day-to –day stress, poor posture and  sedentary lives. The spine needs to be stretched out and while doing so it requires ample support. The mattress that we sleep on plays an important role in providing the required support.

The pill for all ills

A good supportive mattress is the pill for all ills and sometimes it is built to suit specific ills. There are mattresses which are meant for people suffering from serious conditions like multiple sclerosis which requires special kind of support. Those with back pain (and there are numerous kinds of them) require mattresses that support the back in a specific manner. The most common affliction is that of the lumbar vertebra and spondylosis of the cervical vertebra and the sacral region. These conditions require firm support and a bouncy mattress can aggravate the condition causing untold pain stiffness and in some case vertigo. Therapeutic mattresses provide the much needed succor for conditions like scoliosis which involve the unnatural curl o the spine resulting in hunching of the back. The therapeutic mattresses not only provide support they also regulate and adapt to the body temperature.

How therapeutic mattresses work

These mattresses provide support where required by evenly dispensing the body weight. This is done by letting the heavier part of the body sink in deeper thereby easing out the pressure impacted on the points in contact with the mattress. The ideal mattress shapes itself according to the contours of the shoulders, back, feet etc. This enables you to relax and be lulled to a deep sleep. Some like air or water beds help in conditions where there is a threat of bed sores or painful decubitus ulceration which occurs at areas where the blood flow becomes restricted on account of prolonged pressure exerted at the point of contact.

Benefits of therapeutic mattresses

The most important benefit is that the mattress has the ability to hold out and not create a cavity in the area that was slept in. It also helps in developing correct sleep postures. The right posture keeps the spine properly aligned. It maintains the alignment of the spine even when you shift or move around in the bed. Choose a therapeutic mattress keeping mind your ailment and the kind of support you need.

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