: 2 Pack Emergency Blanket/Space Blanket/Survival Blanket
2 Pack Emergency Blanket/Space Blanket/Survival Blanket/Thermal Blanket/Sleeping Blanket
Space blankets for survival

Space blankets for survival

The space blanket is one of the important parts of any first aid kid. There are so many advantages of the space blankets. It is not only the thing that will keep you warm. Although, keeping yourself warm is your first priority but it has a lot to offer. Some of the important things about the space blankets is that they are very much light weight, takes very little space and above all are not costly. If we talk about a typical average space blanket, it will cost you almost 4 USD and will weigh around 85 grams. When it is unfolded, it will take almost 84 inches of the space and if it is folded, it will take about the size of the deck of cards.

Below mentioned are few ways the space blankets can be used.

Emergency blanket:

Obviously the primary purpose of the blanket is to help the needy in case of emergency. It can be used in emergency when someone is feeling too cold. You need to wrap the blanket around the person so that the maximum heat gets in.

Emergency shelter:

The blanket can be used as the tent or taro. The major feature of the space blankets is that they are waterproof. It makes them useful in rainy and snowy conditions. It will surely protect you.

Keep warm:

Apart from protecting the person in the extreme conditions, the space blankets can also make the person keep warm. For instance, if you are trapped inside a car during on an extreme winter day, you can make use of this blanket to cover the window. It will surely help in getting some body heat inside the car.

Keep cool:

As the blanket reflects the heat towards you, it can surely reflect it away from you. For example, if you are in a tent and the sun is targeting you, you need to put the shiny side of the blanket on the top of tent.  It will reflect the heat away and in result you will stay cool.

Help Signal:

As the surface of the space blankets is shiny and everyone is aware of the construction and style of it, it can be easily used as a help signal. The surface is easily visible even from the sky. It makes it as one of the best options if you are looking to convey a help signal.

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